they eloped in a greenhouse!

When I tell you that this elopement was an absolute DREAM to photograph....

Shane + Emily are some of the most passionate and deeply kind, and contagiously loving people I've ever met. I'm so unbelievably thankful that they chose me + trusted me with their day.

I met up with these lovebirds and their families on the day of their elopement. The girls got ready in a gorgeous bridal suite overlooking the grounds, as we watched countless YouTube tutorials on how to tie these gorgeous silk shoes from Etsy. Before long, everyone was ready and I got to be the third wheel at Shane + Emily's greenhouse elopement at Compass Rose in PEC....and it was MAGICAL!

Everyone shared stories and memories, both hilarious and emotional from the beginnings of their relationship and the whole evening was full of life, joy, and love. I laughed + cried so many times throughout their elopement reception. And even now, looking back through the photos, you can still feel every emotion.

Here’s to you, Shane and Emily. May many people get to experience all of the love and kindness that you have to share with this world!


Earthly Mama